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Allow me to introduce myself: I'm June, the founder of By June, a small jewelry brand established in October of 2020, nestled in the beautiful city of Bergen, Norway.


While currently operating independently, I am incredibly fortunate to receive tremendous support and assistance from my friends, family, and collaborators, for which I am truly grateful.

From a young age, I have harbored a passion for jewelry and fashion. This drove me to establish my own brand in 2020, By June, where I could transform my visions into reality. Each piece is crafted to embody my personal style, combining timeless elegance with the latest trends. My ultimate goal is to design jewelry that effortlessly complements any occasion, making you feel both comfortable and beautiful.

Although I pursued studies in construction engineering from 2019 to 2022, I made the decision to dedicate all my time and energy to By June after completing my education. Your love and support has been invaluable in nurturing my dreams, and for that, I am eternally grateful!

With heartfelt appreciation,


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